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Sanfer System is a lightweight permanent form of shuttering that includes a double layer of thermal insulation.


It is an integral sustainable modular construction solution that can be used for any type of new build project.


The technology is an innovative construction solution renowned for its simplicity, speed and ease of use and can be employed for all types of construction projects.


Sanfer System is a high quality and cost effective construction solution for low energy building projects and certification including BREAM, Passive House or LEED.


We provide all interior and exterior enclosures including exterior and interior walls, floors, staircases and horizontal and inclined roofs.


There are specific solutions for large scale housing projects, luxury homes, schools, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and hospitals.


It is important to highlight the fact that Sanfer System is not a building system or prefab. Sanfer System is a modular industrialized construction solution.


The Sanfer System panel is a patented European technology.

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