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Sanfer System is between 30% and 40% faster than traditional construction. The result being that projects are completed far quicker leading to less disruption and disturbance to the area surrounding Sanfer System projects.

The amount of water required is minimal for a Sanfer System build project.


Wood use is minimal and any wood that is required is not lost and can be re-used.


All excess onsite EPS is collected and re-used.


Furthermore virtually no heavy machinery is required leading to less noise or smoke pollution to the surrounding area.


Given the nature of the Sanfer System panels and the simplicity, speed and cleanliness of cutting out ducting channels in Sanfer System walls means that there is no dust generation and movement. This means surrounding areas suffer no dust pollution.


A further benefit of the ducting channels within Sanfer System is that on-site debris generation during the Sanfer System stage of construction is highly limited. This means limited skip or container requirement and fewer landfill journeys.

Less debris on site leads to a safer worksite with less trips or material falling from higher floors.


Less machinery on site also takes away another potential on-site source of accidents.

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