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Sanfer System was developed and has evolved so as to allow a freedom of creativity and eliminate architectural and aesthetic barriers to using Sanfer System. This really means that the only limit to using Sanfer System is imagination.

– Limitless options for building design with almost any type of architectural design feature achievable.

– Any type of interior and exterior finishing materials can be used.

– There are solutions for walls, pillars, roofs, floors and staircases.

– Sanfer System works with any structural solution that a client wants to use. Steel, concrete or timber frame.

– Sanfer System has no build height restriction.

– Both exterior and interior wall thickness can be adjusted to comply with a projects requirements.

– The thickness of the EPS thermal insulation panels can also be adjusted to comply with extreme. temperatures.

– Future adjustments to a Sanfer System built building is simple and is compatible with other building solutions.

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