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”We chose Sanfer System for the quality of the houses we can produce and the speed of building them: with the lack of competitive financing in Latin America, this allows us to reduce substantially the capital employed”

Marc Dentand, CEO Menta Group


“Sanfer System is clearly a rare commodity within the construction industry with its ability to meet all the demands of a modern day house builder. To find a product that ticks so many boxes in terms of speed of delivery, quality and cost is almost impossible. But in Sanfer you have found one that delivers on every level”

Guy Everett, CEO Everett Properties & MVBG Management


“Sanfer System is giving my clients major advantages in their projects. The time savings during the build means capital is tied up for less time and reduces exposure to risk. It also means that investment maturity is reached far quicker. The icing on the cake is the cost savings that Sanfer System offers. This reduces financing requirements and makes the bottom line a lot healthier”

Guillaume Sainpy, CEO Latam Investment Partners


“Sanfer System is an innovative modular construction solution. My experience with Sanfer System has been highly positive largely due to its suitability for sustainable projects, simplicity and build speed. Additionally from a creative point of view is doesn’t restrict our design work. Sanfer adapts to our designs rather than our designs having to adapt to it”

Rosa Bassols, Director and Architect, Irabe Architecture

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