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Sanfer System is used for all the enclosures in a building. This includes, exterior and interior walls, floors, roofs and stairs.

The result is a fully thermally insulated building to a superior standard.


Alternative wall and roof fills including aerated concrete, poured earth or cement mixed with EPS pearls can be used in non-structural walls. These fills enhance the thermal insulation performance of Sanfer System solutions to achieve easily U- values even lower than 0,10 W/m2K.


Together with the excellent thermal insulation performance, Sanfer System virtually eliminates thermal bridging. The building envelope is constructed with the Sanfer System continuous insulated formwork and all the structural elements are placed within and surrounded by the insulated fills. The result is a continuous and monolithic response against the exterior that avoids air leakages and heat loss.


This all adds up to an exceptional energy performance for Sanfer System built constructions. Sanfer System is a key factor in achieving the highest grade energy efficiency rating for standards including: BREEAM, Passivhaus or LEED.


Future alterations to a Sanfer System buildings are simple and the only restriction will be the structure that will have to be retained.

Regards durability, Sanfer System built homes have more extended life cycle than any traditionally built home.

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